For Therapists

We love our profession!  Over the years, all of us have experienced burnout and fatigue from our jobs. Yet, our own mental health is often overlooked. We've seen our friends in the field experience career changes and even job loss. Protect your job, your mental health, and your personal life. Acknowledge the fact that sometimes we need help too. 

Compassion Fatigue | Compassion fatigue and satisfaction, caregiver stress, vicarious …

At the Center for Counseling Excellence, we provide mental health counseling by counselors trained in compassion fatigue, medication management, EMDR and trauma resolution to mental health professionals. Our assessment can be done without any diagnosis and interventions. Our work with you can be confidential from any insurance company or employer. We can meet with you over webcam in your office behind your own closed door or in our office with a private entrance just for you.  We can work with you for months or just a few sessions, however much you need to keep doing what you do best.


We are certified clinical supervisors and have experience teaching others clinical skills. If you need clinical supervision, we can help.

We offer experience and training in guided imagery- exclusively for clinicians only.