Jeff Belnap, CSW

Hi. Thanks for finding out a bit more about me.

I am Passionate

I am passionate about social justice and counseling.  I have extensive experience serving people in a variety of settings from wilderness settings for at-risk teens, to schools, to private practice.  I care about my clients and go the extra mile to help them improve their lives.

I am Qualified

My education has centered on promoting individual empowerment through mental health services.  I received my Bachelors of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis in Latin American Studies, and I speak, read, and write Spanish fluently.  I have a Masters of Social Work degree with an emphasis in International Social Work and am licensed as a Certified Social Worker in the state of Utah.  I have recieved additional training and supervision as a mental health counselor.  I worked as a clinician at Utah Health and Human Rights with refugees who have survived extreme forms of trauma.  This experience provided me with important insight into the effects of trauma on human behavior and allowed me to develop skills necessary to address trauma-related symptoms.

I am Conscientious

I take great care to provide the highest quality of services and I love to get quick results.  I use only research-based interventions with particular empnasis on CBT, DBT, and trauma-focused interventions.  I am eclectic in my approach so that I have a variety of tools to help many different needs.  I am a good listener. I'm not afraid of feedback and my cilents tell me what works for them.  The feedback helps me can change my approach to become your most effective therapist, rather than you trying out many others and spending money to get the right fit. 

I am Accessible

I feel it is important to be accessible to my clients at times when they need me without playing phone tag.  I offer evenings and weekend appointment times. I have an online scheduling link you can use to see my calendar and book your own appointments as you need them without playing phone tag. The link is below:

I am Affordable

Not everyone has the money to invest thousands of dollars improving their mental health, in fact, most of us don't.  But all of us need some help once in awhile.  I offer a high quality of service at an affordable cost- typically half the cost of other therapists. Because I am passionate about mental health and social justice, I believe we all deserve the right to access mental health care.  I provide free phone consultations.

Call me at 385-695-0236 or click above to send me an email.