Noel Gardner, MD

Dr. Gardner is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine where for many years he was the Chief of the Consultation-Liaison Service. He has subsequently had a private practice specializing in complex and refractory mood and anxiety disorders, been involved as a Principal Investigator on clinical trials of investigational psychotropic medications and served as an advisor and consultant to many pharmaceutical companies regarding psychopharmacology.  In addition, he is a highly regarded forensic psychiatrist who has provided consultation and testimony in many of the high profile criminal cases and numerous civil cases over the past 20 years. Currently Dr. Gardner serves as a co-founder and the Executive and Medical Director Polizzi Clinic, a nonprofit and largely volunteer organization that provides free psychiatric care to individuals who live in poverty with no medical insurance.

Dr. Gardner lectures and testifies around the country regarding psychiatric disorders.  He can be reached at 801-673-8284 to schedule lectures and forensic cases.

In addition to providing consultation and guidance to the clinicians at the Center for Counseling Excellence, Dr. Gardner shares his expertise in guided imagery with other clinicians. Guided imagery is a powerful tool to create personal insight and motivation. To read more about guided imagery, click here. If you are a clinician who would like guided imagery services, contact the Center for Counseling Excellence through email on the contact us form and we will forward your request to him. Sorry, only clinicians may apply for this amazing experience!

Dr Gardner is not currently accepting new patients for his private practice and will not be responding to emails regarding new clients. He is busy training, teaching, and mentoring clinicians so they can provide you the high level of care he believes in.